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There are a few different locations that files can be stored, including the C: drive, the U: drive, and the Q: drive. The route to access these different storage locations can vary depending on your role with Bethel. 

To access bsp-nas on Bethel owned machines, it will automatically show up upon login in File Explorer for Windows. To access bsp-nas on a Mac, you will need to map it like a personal machine. 

New staff needing access to department files

  • As long as the new staff have the proper roles in IAM regarding their department, the staff member should be able to access their department files. All issues related to not having the dept folder will be IAM group membership related.

Student worker access to department files

Staff lost access to department files

  • Check iam to see if the staff member lost group membership or roles recently.
  • Make sure they are connected to eduroam (if wireless) or securely connected to the ethernet.
    Note: Bethel-Wifi-Open does not connect to the Network and the department files will not be visible.