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At the determination of the ITS Infrastructure team, computers may be blocked from accessing the Bethel Network. Computers are blocked for a variety of reasons including virus/malware infected machines, copyright violations, or repeated attempts to access network resources with incorrect credentials.

How to get network access restored 

The process for getting your network access restored depends on the cause of the restriction. In all cases you should contact the ITS Help Desk for more information.

Malware/Virus Infections

Once the malware and viruses have been removed on your computer you can request your network access to be restored. You can do this by replying via email to your Footprints case that ITS created for you or by calling the Help Desk. In this request you should provide the following information:

  1. The number/type of infections you removed.

  2. The anti-virus/anti-malware software you used to remove the infections.

If you are unsure of how to remove malware/viruses the ITS Help Desk can provide you with information/resources to do so.

Copyright Violations

Copyright violations commonly refer to torrenting or pirating. In these cases you will be required to meet with a member of Student Life.

Once you have met with Student Life, they will contact the ITS Help Desk on your behalf to request network access restoration.

Accessing Network Resources with Incorrect Credentials

Please stop by the ITS Help Desk and we can work with you to determine where the incorrect credentials are stored on your computer and remove those.

Other Reasons

It is possible that you will be placed in restricted network access for other reasons or by accident. In these cases please contact the ITS Help Desk to find out why and how to go about getting the situation resolved.