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In support of the mission of Bethel University and the Covenant for Life Together, in the Fall of 1999, the faculty voted to block access to web pages involving pornography and gambling. Information Technology Services updated this to include websites that contain security risks. The following article explains the process for reclassifying a web page or gaining temporary access to a blocked site.


Misclassified Website

The content filter will sometimes misidentify a website and it will be inappropriately blocked. It takes 2-3 business days for BrightCloud to process new URL category requests.

  1. You can request access to a misclassified by contacting the Help Desk with the following information.

    • The website's URL

    • Description of the sites actual content

    • Need / reason for accessing the site

    • Urgency of request (if applicable)

    Note: You can also fill out the BrightCloud Self Service form to request a new website classification.

  2. A Help Desk staff member will then investigate the site and if deemed appropriate fill out the BrightCloud Self Service form. In the event that it is time sensitive the case will be forwarded onto Network Services.

Temporary Access Requests

Occasionally and for a short time, access to appropriately-blocked website is required for academic purposes. In these circumstances please use the following procedure.

  1. Contact the Department Chair or the Faculty member teaching your course and explain the reason for the request.

  2. If deemed appropriate the Department Chair will contact the Vice President of ITS. The request should include:

    • The website's URL

    • The time frame it should be unblocked

    • A rationale for this action

  3. ITS will take the appropriate action deemed by the Vice President of ITS.