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This Policy deals with installation of non-standard (image) software on Instructor Workstations and Student Workstations in Bethel University Classrooms.


  • Software Installs take time.  As such a minimum of TWO WEEKS advance notification is requested before your first time use in the classroom.
  • Software Installs require licensed software. If a software license must be ordered prior to installation, please allow an additional two weeks.  Multiple versions will not be installed UNLESS evidence of open source status or license policy is provided.
  • The Inventory Tag Number of the computer and Classroom number must be provided.
  • Classroom Software Installation Requests (single installations) should be submitted via the Classroom Software Installation Request Form.
  • Desktop Services will leave the software on the classroom computer only for the period indicated in the request.  If software is needed on an ongoing basis and is open source or we have a site license, then it should be submitted for testing and installation as part of the standard Classroom Computer Image.

Policy Approvals: ITSAAC - 22 October, 2007