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  • Navigate to your wireless connections and connect to Bethel-Guest. 

  • A splash page should open up. Click the option I'm a Bethel community member (eduroam setup)
    • Note: If the splash page does not show up, try typing into your browser to force the page.

  • Enter in your Username and Password in the appropriate field and click Log in as a Bethel User.

  • A page will pop up asking you to accept the Responsible Use Policy. Read through it and select Accept.

  • Then a new page will pop up asking you to configure your device to one of the options below. Listed below is how you will proceed:
    • For phones, tablets, computers and similar devices, configure secure access to eduroam by following the steps found here.
    • For devices which cannot connect to a secure 802.1x network, register your device by following this article here.