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WebEx recordings are always downloaded in the WebEx '.ARF' format, which can only be viewed using the WebEx Network Recording Player. 

Using this player, it is possible to convert recordings into an MP4 video which can be shared with anyone. 

This is only possible using Windows; WebEx does not currently support MP4 conversion on macOS.


Download Recorded Video

  • login to WebEx
  • navigate to My WebEx > My Files > My Recordings
    • if you are on the WebEx homepage you may need to click the arrow at the top to pull down the menu and find My WebEx
  • find the recording you would like to download
  • open the dropdown on the far right and select Download

This will open a popup that includes a link to download the Network Recording Player. Download and install it. 

It can also be downloaded from here:

Open and Convert

Once the Network Recording Player is installed, do the following: 

  • open your recording (should be in an .arf format)
  • in the window that opens, navigate to File > Convert Format > MP4


Fill out the next screen as follows:

  • Site URL:
  • Account Name: bethel_username
  • Password: bethel_password

  • click Continue

Login to the Bethel portal. 


  • configure settings as needed and click OK
  • Depending on the length of the recording it will take some time to complete. 
  • The conversion is complete when you get the following pop-up: 
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