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In the event of either accidental damage (dropping, spilling liquids, etc.) to the computer provided by ITS to the employee, or theft of the computer taken off campus, ITS will cover 50% of the standard computer replacement/repair cost. The employee's department will be responsible for the other 50% of the cost of repair/replacement of the system plus any associated computer upgrade cost. For example, if a standard laptop cost is $750 and the computer needing to be replaced is a upgrade laptop with a cost of $1500, ITS would contribute 50% of $750, while the employee's department would contribute the other 50% of $750 plus the $750 associated cost with the upgrade. Therefore the employee's department would pay $1125 while ITS would pay $375.

The cost of repairing/replacing system components that fail under normal wear and tear will continue to be covered fully by ITS. Theft of computers that happens on campus will also be fully covered by ITS.