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This article will outline what ITS needs when multiple departments merge together, when a partition of a department becomes independent, or when a department wants to change its name. The goal is to have everything spelled out so the transition is as seamless as possible. As department codes govern much of IAM access, we want to be proactive in the process to ensure that access is not lost. Primarily, this will affect BSP-NAS, Google Drive, mailbox access, and mailman groups. 

Information Needed

Once the new department restructuring has been approved by Human Resources or Academic Affairs, HR or AA will generate the new department name and department code if necessary. ITS needs to know the new department name and department code. 


ITS will create a new NAS folder structure for the new department. Any mass transition in the NAS will break un-inherited permissions but permissions that have inherited values should remain. It is advised to double check permissions before the NAS transition begins. The transition into the new NAS folder can happen in several ways.

If a department is being renamed, the department code will not change. ITS can rename the folder structure to match the new department name, but nothing further needs to happen. If two departments are merging into one existing department, see instructions below on merging that data. 

If roles are concurrent, the department will have access to both the old and new NAS folders. Members can choose to manually move the contents of one to other. This gives freedom to access documents that may have been initially missed and doesn't necessarily require a hard deadline. The= department can also choose to have ITS migrate the documents for them. The department will need to rename folders to be transitioned by naming them with the new department code (E.G. Fall 2020 folder is renamed to ITS - Fall 2020). At a scheduled time, ITS will migrate the entire contents of the marked folders to the new department folder. This will not require individuals to collaborate on the move and avoids confusion during the transition period. It also saves time for the department by not having members wait while transitioning documents. 

If roles are not concurrent, members may still be able to access both NAS folders if ITS is directed to provision both folders with the new department code. Alternatively, ITS can put the NAS in a black out state and transition everything (or whatever is marked) to the new folder. Members of the department will not be able to access the NAS during this time. If ITS is directed to combine the entire contents of two departments into one NAS folder structure, ITS will create folders for each of the departments being combined as subfolders of the new departmental folder within the department, shared, and public folders and transition everything from the previous department folder into the departmental subfolders. 

Google Drive

Google Drive changes are a manual process done by the department. Once the IAM groups are made by ITS, the department can add the new department code to any Google drive folder or document that they choose. 

Team Drives can be renamed and given the appropriate code if a Team Drive exists. 

Mailman Groups

Mailman group transition is fairly basic. A department can choose to keep mailman groups as is or choose to combine mailman groups. If mailman groups are to be kept separate, a distinction code must be retained by HR or the Registrar's office. 

Mailbox Access

Mailbox access is often governed by department codes. ITS will need a list of all mailboxes that members of the department use. The listed mailboxes will undergo a transition to include the new department code if departmental restrictions are currently set.