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This workflow article outlines the process for handling employee separations and return of Bethel devices.  See ITS policy regarding employee separations and Bethel devices:


  1. Human Resources will send email notification to with the subject "Termination - EmployeeName".
  2. Assign the termination case to Desktop. If the person has a cell phone, it will be released anyway.

Cell Phone Case Template

 Use the following template message when sending the Employee Separation - Cell Phone case to the separating employee:


I want to get in contact with you to start thinking about your Bethel Verizon cell phone at the end of your time here at Bethel. I have phone number <USER'S CELL PHONE NUMBER> listed under your name on a <USER'S CELL PHONE MODEL>. You have the option to keep both your phone number and cell phone device and transfer them to a personal cell phone account if you would like.

Currently your device is configured to work on Verizon's network and the phone number is 'owned' by Bethel under our Verizon contract. It is any easy process to have your number transferred over to a personal Verizon line and your devices would continue to work. You can also go with another phone carrier and we can talk through the processes for keeping your number and/or device if they are compatible with the carrier you choose. With whatever carrier you choose the process only takes a few days at most so we do still have some time, we can follow up with you closer to your end date <OMIT LAST SENTENCE IF LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AWAY>.

Please let me know how you would like to follow up and any questions you may have. You can reply to this case update email or give me a call.

Thank you!

Follow Up

The next steps are based on how the user replies. Often a user will want to do their transfer before their last day to make a smooth transition but if they want to/ need to go past their last day let them know that is okay. Generally I will just let them know that as long as I know they are keeping me updated on their status that and showing due diligence I will not 'kick them off' our plan. If a case seems that it will go beyond their last day ask if there is a personal email we can contact them with or if we can just call their cell phone.

See How do I decommission and suspend a user account? for more steps.