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Bethel University uses Google Apps for Education to provide Bethel community members with email, thus Bethel email is through gmail.

When it comes to the Bethel email account, the password is the same password used for Bethel account pages (for MyBethel and other Bethel domains).

There are several ways to access a Bethel email account:

1) Login at gmail with your username + (e.g. and then your password (it is technically a gmail account)*

2) Login at MyBethel with your credentials, and click the "Email" link at the top of the page

3) Go to (continue to login if the page does not login automatically)

The rest of this article provides information and links to Gmail Support pages.

Getting Started with Bethel Email

If you are new to Google Apps or Gmail you may find the following links helpful.

Setting up an alias

An email alias is used to manipulate your email address into something other than your While will still be active, you can have an alternate name to your email that better reflects your name.

Setting up an alias

Shared Mailboxes

Shared mailboxes are used for multiple people to access a single email. This can be very useful for departments to field emails that do not need to be directed to one person. Shared mailboxes are governed by IAM groups. New shared mailboxes can be created by following Requesting the Creation of New IAM Group.

Syncing your Smartphone to Bethel Email

Please see the following Knowledge Base article, How Do I Setup Email on my Phone or Mobile Device