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This article explains how to remove metadata, such as personal creation information and reviewing information from Word documents. You may want to remove this information from your document if you are sending the document to other people.


  1. Open the document in Microsoft Word and select Files.

  2. Click Info in the left panel.

  3. Click the Check for Issues button and select Inspect Document. If a window appears stating, "This file contains changes that have not been saved." before you use the Document Inspector, you should save this file because it is not always possible to restore data that the document Inspector removes. Do you want to save this file now? Select Yes.

  4. In the window that appears, place a check mark next to all items. you may un-check Custom XML data and headers, footers and watermarks if you want to leave that data inside the document. Leave Custom XML Data un-checked if you are unsure whether you wrote any into the document.

  5. Click Inspect.

  6. Results from the inspection will them be displayed. Click the Remove All button next to each result.

  7. Then click Close.

  8. Save the document, and it will be ready to be sent.
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