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You can create a shortcut to your network drive on bsp-nas which allows you to access your files without typing address each time.


Prior to starting you will want to know the path to the network drive you wish to connect to. Please see How do I access files on bsp-nas from my computer? if you need to determine the path to your network drive on bsp-nas.

  1. Click on the Start menu and select Computer.

  2. Click Map network drive.


  3. Under the Drive: drop-down select a drive letter.

  4. In the Folder: field type your network drive path.

    Common Drives to Map at Bethel

    The Department Drive (Q: Drive): \\\Departments

    Home Folder (U: Drive): \\\Home(first letter of your username)

    For Ex: If your username was abc12345 the U: path would be \\\HomeA

  5. Check the box Reconnect at logon.

  6. Click Finish.