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Bethel University Information Technology Services strives to provide resources seamlessly for members of the Bethel community.  However, to ensure that systems are functioning well, regular maintenance is required.  This article describes when users can expect an outage, and how they will be informed of unexpected outages.  


Normal Window

The ITS Server and Network normal maintenance window is every week
Wednesday at 10pm CT until Thursday at 6am CT
Friday at 10pm CT until Saturday at 6am CT

General Notification and Planning

ITS will attempt to plan normal maintenance and upgrades to active servers and network equipment during this time frame whenever possible to avoid disruption of normal university activity.  Those using ITS services should be aware of this window, and assignment due dates and other deadlines which are dependent on ITS services should be avoided during these times.  

Outages will normally be announced in the its-outages Mailing List.  However, minor outages which are short and not expected to have widespread effect may occur during this time frame without notification.  

Due to reasons including but not limited to total expected outage length, timelining for complete system upgrades, concerns for system stability, critical security issues, or working with outside vendors, it may be necessary to plan outages outside this window or extend the length (such as to the entire weekend for certain server upgrades).  Information on these outages will be sent to the its-outages Mailing List as soon as the information is available and appropriate.  

Wide Scale Notification

Outages occurring within this maintenance window will no generally be announced beyond the its-outages Mailing List.  Those who wish to receive information on these outages are encouraged to subscribe.  
Outages which occur outside the normal window will be evaluated by ITS User Services for its expected impact on the Bethel Community.  If deemed necessary, it may be announced through the e-Announcements and/or a direct email notification as time frames dictate.  Other means such as voicemail may be used in cases where the outage includes email.