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The following steps indicate how to add a printer in Mac OS 10.6 and newer. 

Connecting to the print spooler

Before you can install a network printer you need to connect to the print sever.

  1. In Finder, click the Go menu and select Connect to Server...
    Pressing the keyboard shortcut Command + k also works.

  2. Type: smb:// and click Connect.
    If you wish, you can save the server address location by pressing the + button.

  3. Type your Bethel username and password. Click Remember this password in my keychain if you would like this information saved.

  4. Select Install Bethel Printers and then click OK.

    Note: If the Install Bethel Printers share is grayed out or otherwise not selectable the server location is already mounted and can be accessed in the Finder or on the Desktop.