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The EMS Desktop Client is used by specific administrators to manage scheduling. 


  • EMS Desktop Client is only available for Windows users
    • if you use a Mac please follow the directions here.
  • EMS Desktop can only be used by approved administrators. Reach out to for access. 


The EMS Desktop Client and its prerequisites are installed via the Altiris agent. 

Open Altiris Symantec Management Agent

  • Right-click on the yellow Symantec icon in the system tray
  • Select "Symantec Management Agent"

Start Software Install

  • In the newly opened window, select 'EMS' from the list and then click 'EMS' on the left under 'Application Tasks'

The installation will start and its progress can be tracked at the bottom of the window above. 

Once complete you can run EMS by clicking on the EMS icon on the desktop.