Information Technology Services provides secured wireless and wired 802.1x network connections in our residences and in the academic buildings. All Bethel community members and guest using our network must agree to the Responsible Use Policy (RUP). Failure to comply may result in restricted network access.

Officially supported web browsers are limited to: 

Other browsers are not restricted, but web applications maintained by the University will not be monitored or configured for use with non-supported browsers.  

Connecting your computer to Bethel's network

These network connection guides will help you configure your computer for network/Internet access.

If you have an operating system that is not listed (such as Linux), this does not mean your computer will not work on our network. It merely means that ITS does not provide the configuration resources to do so.

Connecting your Computer to the network using Bethel-Guest

Bethel-Guest allows those who are visiting Bethel a way to connect to the internet without needing to access eduroam. The links below will provide information on how to register a guest, and also how to set up a wireless connection for non-802.1x devices on the Bethel Network. 

Hardware and operating system requirements

While ITS does not restrict 802.1x viable computers from accessing the network, we do carry a hardware and operating system requirement for support. These requirements can be found in our ResNet support policy.

Additional Resources