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Desktop Services Maintenance/Update Windows

Desktop Services releases operating and software updates the second and fourth Thursdays of each month.  These two dates are when Desktop Services makes them available for install but the actual install time is dependent upon computers being turned on and connected to the Bethel network.  This is especially applicable to laptops as they are often taken off campus overnight. They would then receive the updates when they next connect to Bethel's network.


Second Thursday of the Month:

  • The second Tuesday of each month is Microsoft's Patch Tuesday, so Desktop Services' second Thursday of the month release date was established to coincide with this. In addition to Windows updates, other Microsoft updates such as IE, Office, and Silverlight, are bundled with this.  
  • WIndows Updates are scheduled for 3am install, but if systems are not turned on during this time, they will generally download and stage for install within a day of being on Bethel's network
  • For Mac Users, the second Thursday of each month is also when Desktop Services releases Apple OS and application updates.

Fourth Thursday of the Month:

  • The fourth Thursday of the month is when Desktop Services consolidates updates for the rest of supported third party software such as Adobe Flash player, SPSS, Java, Adobe Reader, and iTunes using Symantec's Altiris to remotely auto install.  As these application have independent and longer update release cycles, there may be months when there are no updates needed.  

Departmental and Library checkouts Laptops:

  • As departmental and library checkout laptops don't have frequent use, the associated departments and library are should power up the laptops on the network in order for the released update to be downloaded and installed at lease once a month.