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In addition to wireless network access students can choose to activate an ethernet port in their dorm room if they want. You can find more information on this here:

There is a form at for port activations. 

Click the "Information Technology Services" link

Select the "Port Activation Request"

Fill out the form:

  1. On behalf of - put in the name of the person requesting
  2. Fill out the dorm, room number, port number, and cell number. Comments if necessary.

    There are NO port activations necessary in Arden Village. If someones port is not working please have them send in a picture of the plate and list both the number and room it is in. Do NOT fill out the Port Activation Form and try selecting Arden Village.
  3. Click create

Once this request is filled out it will create a case that will be passed onto our Network team to get your port activated. As stated on the form "Turnaround is minimum 2 business days, but is subject to ITS workload". You will be notified once your port is activated.