According to Webster's Dictionary, a proxy is "a person authorized to act for another". This FAQ briefly describes Bethel University's Proxy Access system.

What is proxy access?

Proxy access allows a person to authorize access for a proxy to designated Self-Service Banner (SSB) pages.  Proxies are authorized for specific pages for a specific time frame.

Who will be able to grant proxy access?

At Bethel, we allow admissions applicants (applied and beyond), current students, and recent students (hereafter referred to as "student") to set up access for a proxy to view their information in SSB.

Who can be a proxy?

A student may invite anyone with a valid email address to be a proxy.  Types of proxies supported include:

  • Parent or guardian
  • Spouse
  • Relative other than Parent or Spouse
  • Employer or Hiring Agency
  • Other
What pages will the proxy be able to access?

A student is able to individually authorize proxy access to a variety of pages in SSB.

Will a proxy be able to access more than one student’s data?

If invited to be a proxy by more than one student, a proxy will be able to access more than one student’s data using their proxy access account.

Are there security concerns with proxy access?

The proxy access system is only as secure as the proxy's email account being used. Anyone with access to the proxy’s email account could gain unauthorized access to student information.

Are there privacy concerns with proxy access?

Bethel students are not obligated in any way use the proxy access system and Bethel will never require a student to do so.  When a student chooses to use the proxy access system, there are clear reminders for both the student and the proxy that the student's records are legally protected by FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974). The proxy is also reminded to not share or discuss the student's data with any individual other than the student or a university administrator.

Does Bethel have the ability to audit proxy access activity?

Yes, administrators are able to audit all proxy activity.

When did Bethel begin allowing proxy access?

Bethel launched proxy access for a pilot group in April, 2013 and opened proxy access for all applicants/students in May, 2013. Details regarding proxy access will be communicated to all current students at the beginning of each term.