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How supervisors can give student workers access to read and write in all three to department files. Also how to request Banner and Argos access.

Access to Department Files 

The person who submitted the EPAF for a student work student workers may request access to departmental files for the student. The should go to the form by clicking on the following link:

Here you can view a list of all student workers you supervise. For each student worker, you can specify whether or not they should have departmental drive access to perform their duties. Click the Save Permissions button to save any changes you make. These changes take effect within an hour.

Request Access to Banner

If a student worker needs an INB account, or needs changes made to an existing INB account, click on the link below to fill out a Banner Account Request form:

Links for the two forms above can also be found on the Technology tab in BLink. In the Banner Resources box, click on Account Request and then select either Request Banner Account or Student Worker Permissions.

Request Access to Shared Mailboxes

After the student has been hired (EPAF has been completed), they can request access to a shared mailbox by logging into IAM (, selecting Make a Group Request from the left-hand menu, and selecting the appropriate group (e.g. "MailboxAccess - mailboxName").