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Access to specialized work groups such as departmental mailboxes or permission restricted applications can be requested through our IAM (Identity Access Management) interface. 

Making a Group Request

  1. Go to: and login with your Bethel username and password.

    Please use either Internet Explorer or Firefox for this process. You may receive a security warning that you will need to bypass.

  2. In the left column, under Information Management, click Make a Group Request.

  3. Under Form Detail, click the Group: drop-down and select the group you would like to request access to. Shared mailboxes are indicated by the word ‘Mailbox’ next to the title. Departments are indicated by the word ‘employees’. Groups that are not shared mailboxes or departments will not have indicators.

    If responding to a group expiration email, your selection in the drop-down list must exactly match the group listed in the email. If the name of the group listed in the email is not listed the IAM group list contact the ITS Help Desk.

  4. Add a comment if desired and click the Submit button.

Checking a Group Request Status

After you have submitted your group request, you can check on its status, as it is processed, by following the steps below.

  1. In the IAM Portal select the Work Dashboard tab.

  2. Click on the Request Status channel to view the status of the request.