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This article will provide you the general steps to add or remove your Bethel email onto your phone, or mobile device 

iPhone, iPad, or iPod

If you would like your Bethel and Home mailboxes to be separate: 

  1. Visit the App Store on the home screen

  2. Download the Gmail app

  3. You will be asked to sign in - this is where you will type in your Bethel username followed by 

  4. You will then be brought to the Bethel login site:

  5. The same steps can be completed on iPad and iPod 

If you would like your mailboxes to be combined:

  1. Go to "Settings" on the home screen

  2. Scroll down to select "Accounts" 

  3. Select "Add Account" 

  4. Select "Google"

  5. Login with your Bethel Email followed by 

  6. After your Bethel email has been added, select "Accounts" again

  7. Select your Bethel email, and confirm that your mail has been turned on.

To setup your Bethel email on your Android 4.0 device follow the configuration instructions below:

  1. Search the Play Store for Google Apps Device Policy.
  2. Select and Install Google Apps Device Policy.
  3. Select Accept & download.
  4. Select Activate. When given the options Uninstall or Open, select Open.
  5. Select Add Device, and enter the the email address in the appropriate field and select Next.
    • Note: If you have an alias set up, you will need to put that address in the field else it will not work.

  6. A message will pop saying that your device is managed by and that you will have to sign in there. Click Accept to follow through with this log in.

  7. Type in your Bethel username and password into the appropriate fields.

  8. Next it will tell you that the account requires mobile device management. Click Next.

  9. In the next page, click Next.

  10. After that, select Enforce to confirm the enforcement of the policy.

  11. Finally on the page titled Status click Next.

  12. Your profile is now installed.

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