When a need arrises for a new shared mailbox (email addresses), mail distribution list or Active Directory group, a new IAM group can be created.


Before requesting a new group, please verify that an existing group does not exist that meets the desired functionality. The ITS Help Desk can assist in determining if there is an existing or similar group. If a new group is required, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out this form which will assist you in answering the following questions:

    1. What will the group be named?
      1. For shared mailboxes, we need both an address (i.e. & display first and last name (i.e. ITS Department)
      2. The ITS Help Desk will reach out to Bethel Marketing and Communications to approve the email address, and make sure the group name lines up with Bethel naming conventions.

    2. Will the group be requestable (or will it be auto assigned by department/role)?

      1. Requestable groups (more common):
        1. Which departments should be able to request access to the group?
        2. Which roles (i.e. STUDENT, STUDENT-WORKER, STAFF,SPONSORED-STAFF,FACULTY) should be able to request access to the group?
        3. Does the group require a separate approvers list (or will members of the group be able to approve new members)? - If so, please answer the two previous questions 1-2 in this section for the approvers group as well.

      2. Non-requestable (assigned) groups (less common):
        1. Which departments will automatically be assigned this group?
        2. Within those departments, what roles will automatically be assigned this group (i.e. STUDENT-WORKER, STAFF,SPONSORED-STAFF,FACULTY)?
          NOTE: Department codes are assigned through employment contracts, so this logic does not work for students who don't have a STUDENT-WORKER role in a department from HR. 

    3. Who will initially be in the group? (two members for redundancy)

  2. Once the name is approved by Bethel Marketing and Communications (or if no approval is required), ITS will create the group and notify you once created.

  3. If the group is requestable, members who have the appropriate role and department will be able to request the group through IAM. Approvers (1.b) will be able to approve the request.