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How to Share a Google Drive File (Narrated PowerPoint, Word File, Excel File etc.) in a Moodle Assignment or Forum


A brief overview of how to upload a file to Google Drive that is too large (>50MB) to upload to Moodle and share the link in a Moodle Assignment or Forum.  This process should be used to LINK to large files like Narrated PowerPoint files on your drive.  You can also use the Moodle File Picker, Google Drive link to UPLOAD small files (<50 MB) from Drive to Moodle assignments as a File Upload.

PART 1: Upload your document to Google Drive, Share, and copy the URL (address) for the fill

  1. From your Bethel email account click on the Apps Icon  at the top right of your email window and select Drive .

2. Click New and select File upload, then upload your file (myfile.pptx, .docx, .xlsx, etc.)

3. Once uploaded, click the icon on the top right side of your screen, then select Share.

4. In the Share with others box, click on Advanced .

5. In the Sharing Settings, click Change to the right of "Private - Only you can access"

6. In the Link sharing box, select "On-Anyone at Bethel University with the link" (or other setting as appropriate) and click Save

7. After clicking save, copy the "Link to share" for use in Part 2 below:

PART 2: Adding the Share Link (URL) to Moodle for "submitting" your assignment file

  1. Type a name for your file in the assignment "Online text" field in an Assignment or in the "Message" field  in a Forum'
Note: Make your name meaningful, say "Presentation on Geriatric Nursing Care" rather than "my presentation".

2. Select (highlight) the text name of your file in the "Online text" or "Message" field as shown.

3. Click on the "insert/edit link"  (first chain link icon - arrow depicted above)  and the Insert/edit Link box  should display.
Note: The Insert/edit hyperlink tool will NOT be active until you select the text of your file name that will serve as the link to your file.

4. Paste the Shared Link URL in the Link URL field in the "Create link" window

5. Click "Create link" at the bottom of your window.

6. Click "Save changes".

7. TEST your link to make certain that it works and view Submission Status to ensure your link has been submitted for grading.