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Bethel offers landlines around campus: in offices, classrooms, and some public spaces. We also have a contract with Verizon for Bethel issued cell phones.

Using your Desk Phone

 Basic Phone Layout

 Basic Desk Phone Troubleshooting

 If a phone is malfunctioning (buttons not responding, echo in the handset, can't make/receive calls), you can hold the 1-3-0 keys when not on the phone to reboot it.

If the issue is still occurring, please contact the Help Desk with details of the problem, the extension and location of the phone, and the name of caller.

 Voicemail Password Reset

Voicemail password resets can be done by the Help Desk. Please give us a call at 651.638.6500 for a voicemail password reset.


 Desk Phone

Desk Phone requests should go through the Desk Phone Request on the Bethel service site.