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This article outlines ITS processes and responsibilities regarding the changing of locations of ITS equipment involved in office moves. Deployments of new equipment is covered in the Equipment Request Form.

Details of what ITS needs to know to help in office moves

  • A customer notifies the Help Desk of an impending office move. In order to properly prepare, Desktop Services prefers a minimum lead time of 3 to 5 day on these requests. This can be done by emailing the IT Help Desk or submitting a phone request.

  • Help Desk creates appropriate Jira issues from the customer's request for assistance in their move. Jira issues are created one case per task as defined by the Customer's request.

  • The Jira tasks are then routed to the appropriate team within ITS: Desktop for Equipment moves, Network team for telecommunication or network changes, and other teams as needed.

  • All tasks involving computer and peripherals or other ITS tagged equipment will require the following information:

    • Desired date of move completion (ITS requires 3-5 day's notice)

    • Bethel Asset tags for each item of equipment being moved by ITS

    • Current location of equipment

    • Desired  location of equipment

  • Desktop Services moves: desktops, laptops, keyboards, mice, monitors, printers, scanners, and other Bethel owned equipment with ITS asset tags. ITS will assist in disconnecting and reconnecting moved equipment as needed. Phones will be moved by the appropriate team in ITS based on requests within Jira.

  • ITS will install monitors to installed monitor arms. ITS does not install desk mounted monitor arms, keyboard trays or other furniture.

  • ITS will install cabling for ITS equipment such as Ethernet cables and USB extenders as available.

  • ITS does not supply power strips or extension cords. Facilities Management may supply extension cords and power strips via their work order system. Customers needing power strips or power cords may access the Facilities Maintenance system by calling 651.638.6200 or at