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Networks at Bethel

Bethel: This is our primary wireless network at Bethel. You will need to be an active Student, Staff, or Faculty in order to login. 

eduroam: This is a wireless network and a service used by several other schools and provides the benefit of allowing users to connect to the internet at any other participating school simply by using their username and password. An increasing number of campuses are using eduroam which means you can stay connected with WiFi on their campus with your eduroam profile! Campuses with eduroam. This network does require a profile to be downloaded to be connected to as there is an extra layer of security applied to this network as it is something that can be used world-wide. Find installation instructions here:

Bethel eduroam: This is a "network" that our Bethel provided Windows laptops will connect to automatically without a username/password. It will only appear on these devices.

Bethel Guest: You guessed it, this is the guest/open network on campus. When this network is selected from a device a splash screen will appear (similar to connecting at a hotel or coffee shop). Use this network if you are a visitor of Bethel or are using a device that is not 802.1x capable. Not all devices can authenticate to Bethel-Guest on their own. Devices like Roku, Smart TVs, Game Consoles, and Fire Sticks will need to registered first before connecting to this network. Instructions can be found here: Register Devices.

Ethernet: This is a direct connection to our network using a Ethernet cable from a wall port or IP phone to the computer. For Dorm Port Activations see this confluence article:

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