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The following steps indicate how to download your eduroam profile onto your Android mobile device to connect to the WiFi. Once your profile is downloaded, you can connect to eduroam through your phone. Why do this? An increasing number of campuses are using this eduroam service which means you can stay connected with WiFi on their campus with your eduroam profile! 

Note that this tutorial is done on a HTC Droid DNA.

Before you Begin

Even if you've already set up eduroam on your computer, you'll still need to follow these steps. The eduroam profile requires use of a phone passcode. If you do not have a security passcode set up, do so now.

eduroam for Androids

1. Navigate to "" and install eduroam CAT.

   Note: If you use an app store like Galaxy Apps you may need to download the Google Play Store.

2. Tap to select Install.

3. Tap to select OK.

3. Find the eduroamCAT app that has just downloaded, then tap to select.
4. Tap to select the link.
5. Tap to select Install on the Configuration File Summary window that opens.

6. Tap to select Yes when asked if you are sure you want to install the profile.

7. Enter your Bethel Username followed by and your Bethel Password. Then tap to select Install.
Note: The username you enter should be formatted similar to this: (

8. Your eduroam profile is now installed.

With your eduroam profile downloaded on your mobile device, you will stay connected here at Bethel as well as other universities with eduroam!


If the connection fails, try restarting the Android device

eduroam for iOS, iPhones, iPads

eduroam for Windows

eduroam for OSX

US eduroam access

Global eduroam access