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The following steps indicate how to download the eduroam profile you previously created onto an iPhone to connect to the WiFi. Once your profile is downloaded, you can connect to eduroam through your phone. Why do this? An increasing number of campuses are using this eduroam service which means you can stay connected with WiFi on their campus with your eduroam profile! 

eduroam for iOS

1. Open Safari and go to

2. Tap to select the blue box near the bottom of the page.

3. Select Allow.
4. Your iPhone will open the Settings app, tap to select Install in the upper right hand corner of the page. If your phone does not open settings, go ahead and open settings, select general, and select profiles.
5. Enter your Passcode.
6. Tap to select Install to grant permission for profile to be installed.
7. Tap to select Install again to verify.
8. Enter your Bethel Username then tap to select Next.
   Note: This will be your bethel username, for example (abc12345).
9. Enter your Bethel Password then tap to select Next.

10. Tap to select Done to finish the installation. 

11. Tap to select eduroam in from the list of available WiFi's.

Your eduroam profile is now downloaded on your iPhone so you can stay connected on the go!