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Mahara Electronic Portfolio Moodle Integrated Portfolio


Mahara is Bethel's fully supported eportfolio platform. It is fully integrated with Moodle 2 which allows students to send uploaded documents and forum posts from their Moodle course site directly to their Mahara eportfolio. Programs interested in implementing an eportfolio requirement, or adopting Mahara as their eportfolio platform are encouraged to contact the TLT team (

Electronic portfolios are used in programs to facilitate integrative learning, reflection, and assessment of program outcomes. Eportfolios offer students a platform to showcase their learning, express themselves, and be creative. Eportfolios offer learners the opportunity to share their work with others including classmates, faculty, friends, family and potential employers. Showcasing and sharing work through an electronic portfolio can provide a foundation for lifelong learning.

Mahara is an electronic portfolio platform that is connected to Moodle. For easy access, a button linked to Mahara is at the top of almost all Moodle pages. An electronic portfolio is a collection of personal web pages that is shared with others. Mahara makes it simple for learners to upload content, arrange that content on pages, gather pages into a collection, and share that collection with others. Content can consist of files, video, images, google docs, RSS feeds, journal and forum entries, and much more.




Video Tutorial

More Mahara written step-by-step and video tutorials

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