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Bethel University iTunes U

Welcome to Bethel University on iTunes U

Use Bethel iTunes U to post audio podcasts.

Bethel iTunes U Policy:

Bethel University provides the ability to publish content to the iTunes interface using a program called iTunes U provided by Apple.  

Content publishers need to recognize that:

  • The use of iTunes U is a revocable privilege.
  • Using the Bethel network to host content means that the content represents Bethel just as much as it does the individual. Content published to iTunes U must comply with Bethel's Computing Responsible Use Policy.
  • Publishers of audio documents are responsible for what they allow others to access on their pages or through a direct link.
  • Direct links to illegal, socially harmful, or pornographic material are not permitted.
  • Text, images, or sounds which violate Bethel Lifestyle expectations or which are illegal according to local, state, national, or international laws are not permitted.
  • You may not create pages that contain material copyrighted by someone other than yourself unless permission has been obtained from the copyright holder. The original author and copyright holder must be clearly and fully acknowledged if permission is given. Be cautious about creating links to pages that contain unapproved copyrighted material.
  • You may not use Bethel's resources for commercial gain.
  • None