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Summary of design, layout, capacity, seating and desks, technology, room photos, and other information about each classroom at Bethel University.  For more Classroom information see the University Classroom Oversight Committee website.  Bethel uses the Educause Learning Space Rating System (LSRS) to provide a set of measurable criteria to assess how well the design of classrooms support and enable active learning activities at Bethel University.

Room Setups, Features, and Scheduling (Virtual EMS - the official classroom information)

The University Classroom Oversight Committee is interested in your comments about what is or is not working well in current instructional spaces, as well as your ideas for new classrooms or improvements in existing classrooms.  Classroom Suggestion/Comment Form

Bethel University Classroom Evaluation Form - Submit your evaluation of a classroom in which you teach.

Issues on which you may wish to comment include:

  • Capacity
  • Orientation
  • Furniture
  • Sound                                           
  • Lighting
  • Technology
  • Environment
  • Aesthetics


Bethel Seminary Saint Paul

Bethel Seminary San Diego

Anderson Center (ANC)





No Classrooms - Conference Rooms and Boardroom




Classrooms with:

Smartboards: CC119CC430CC431HC269HC415Sem CL 201

Flexible Learning:  HC112,  HC114,  CC119,  CC120

High Tech Flexible Learning: CC426BHC113

Liteshow Interactive Mobile Device Display Adaptor: CC426BHC114, RC227, Pine Tree Huddle Rooms

NEC eBeam Interactive Projector Classroms: CC426B,  CC405 (Music)

Computer Classrooms (General Class Schedule): 

  • AC203 (35 Mac/Win - Adobe Creative Cloud on Windows OS)
  • CC325 (35 Windows PC)
  • HC260 (22 Windows PC)
  • Mobile Computer carts are available
    • Anderson Center (20 Windows notebooks)
    • 3900 Bethel Drive or Anderson Center (20 iPads)
    •  Laptops and iPads are available for reservation and checkout at the University Library - We recommend asking students to bring their own to class or checkout one to use in class prior to class if needed.

Departmental Computer Labs

  • HC254 Nursing Computer Lab (30 Windows PC)
  • HC303 Library main lab (26 Win/Mac dual boot)
  • HC417 Library upper lab (17 Win/Mac dual boot)
  • CC207 Art Design Lab (22 Macs - Adobe Creative Cloud on Mac OS)
  • HC300 Communication Studies Editing Suite( 6 Adobe Creative Cloud on Mac OS)
  • AC117   Chemistry (7 Windows PC)
  • AC341 Psychology Classroom / Computer Lab (8 Windows PC)
  • AC233 Biology Computer Lab / Seminar Room 

Departmental Laboratory Classrooms

  • AC108 General Chemistry Lab
  • AC109 Organic Chemistry Lab
  • AC110 Analytical Chemistry Lab
  • AC121 Microbiology Lab
  • AC124 Natural Sciences Lab
  • AC132 Cell / Molecular Biology Lab
  • AC139 General Biology Lab
  • AC141 Anatomy & Physiology Lab
  • AC156 Anatomy & Physiology Lab
  • AC157 General Biology Lab
  • AC236 Environmental Studies Lab
  • AC237 General Biology Lab
  • AC245 General Physics Lab
  • AC255 Physics Electronics Lab