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Summary of design, layout, capacity, seating and desks, technology, room photos, and other information about each classroom at Bethel University.  For more Classroom information see the University Classroom Oversight Committee website.  Bethel uses the Educause Learning Space Rating System (LSRS) to provide a set of measurable criteria to assess how well the design of classrooms support and enable active learning activities at Bethel University.

Classroom Instructor Teaching Station Instructions

Classroom Extron Control User Interface

Browse EMS for Spaces   |   Browse for EMS Events  |  EMS - the official classroom information

The University Classroom Oversight Committee is interested in your comments about what is or is not working well in current instructional spaces, as well as your ideas for new classrooms or improvements in existing classrooms.  

Classroom Suggestion/Comment Form

Submit your evaluation of a classroom in which you teach.

Bethel University Classroom Evaluation Form

Issues on which you may wish to comment include:

  • Capacity

  • Orientation

  • Furniture

  • Sound                                           

  • Lighting

  • Technology

  • Environment

  • Aesthetics

In Class Support Hotline: 651-638-6700

  • During class: call 651-638-6700 for immediate assistance.
  • Outside of class: call TLT at 651-635-8527