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Use the instructor station computer in the classroom to share a DVD with your class.  VHS video is no longer supported in classrooms but there are are VHS players for checkout in the Library that connect to the HDMI cable on classroom instructor stations.


To Play a DVD

  1. Press the button on the the optical drive on the Dell Instructor station to pop out the DVD tray.
  2. Press the DVD onto the tray and push it in until the tray closes.
  3. If you are logged into the computer, the DVD should open in VLC player to the Menu. 
    If you get a gray screen with no menu, use the VLC menus select Playback>Title>Select the correct title. 

Alternative instructions if VLC player does not open when the DVD is inserted (eject and re-insert as a first attempt to resolve and then:

  1. At the Windows start screen, type VLC in the search box in the lower left corner.
  2. Select VLC media player Desktop app.
  3. Insert your DVD into your DVD drive on the PC.
  4. Select Media Open Disk or Choose your DVD playback option from the Playback menu.
  5. Click the Play Button.


If you still cannot get your DVD to play, use a phone and call the ITS Help Desk for assistance (651-638-6500.

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