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LiteShow Links

Software Downloads and Installs

Recommended Installation Procedure:

 Download and install the LiteShow Manager app to your laptop or mobile device. 

  • The easiest way to install LiteShow is when you are in the classroom.  Start up the projector or display and select Auxillary or LiteShow on the Extron Control Panel. Open a browser window and type in the address bar the IP shown on the projector screen to display the LiteShow Web Page. 
  • Then on the LiteShow web page, leave the Login set to None, leave the password field empty, and click the login button. Click download and select the Windows or Mac version to download and install.  
  • Open the Liteshow App, type in the IP address shown on the screen (140.88....), type in the Login code (4 digit number on the screen) and click start.
    Be sure to CAREFULLY follow the steps on the LiteShow page displayed on the projector screen in the classroom, being sure to SKIP any request to "Connect to a access point" as you should already be connect to Bethel's Eduroam Network.
    For specific instructions for your room please see.

Alternative Installation Download links:

LiteShow 4 - Download LiteShow 4 (LiteShow Manager) for Windows or Mac

Bethel LiteShow Manager for Windows Download - Has Bethel settings. (Download the zip file, open it and click on the installer link. Or on your Bethel Computer go to the Symantec Management app for installing.)

Windows LiteShow Manager (Liteshow 4) Download -  LiteShow4.msi

Windows - Required for Audio and Extended Desktop Options

Virtual Audio Driver - Required for dependable audio with video

Virtual Display Driver Required for Using Extended Desktop

 Apple LiteShow 4 Download - LiteShow4 MAC.pkg

Alternate: In a browser, type the ip address on the screen ( in your browser address bar, leaving login set to none and password field empty, click Login, and select Windows or Mac downloads.

LiteShow 3Download LiteShow3 application for Windows or Mac


Mobile Devices

iOS - iPad,  iPhone, iOS - Download MirrorOp Presenter from the App Store  | Mobile Application Quick Guide for iOS (pff)

 Android - Download MirrorOp Presenter  from Google play  | Mobile Application Quick Guide for Android (pdf)

Instructions for Use

Bethel LiteShow 4 Quick Start Guide

Bethel Liteshow Interactive Location Specific Instructions

Liteshow 4 User Guide (pdf) - Detailed user guide for LiteShow 4

Liteshow 3 User Guide (pdf) - Detailed user guide for LiteShow 3

Known Issues

Windows Users - Auto WiFi Connect Dialog must be skipped or disabled -  “Connect to a Access Point” - Click SKIP

When you start up LiteShow a "Connect to a AccessPoint" dialog appears.  You MUST click SKIP for this option.  Selecting Skip will not modify the computer’s existing network connection to the Eduroam.  
You can disable this by unchecking the "Auto WiFi Connect" option in the Liteshow Menu, which will prevent this box from appearing in the future.  

Mac Users - LiteShow disconnects after 3- 5 minutes. Apple has an "App Nap" feature for background applications

Prevent “App Nap” - Control-click (right-click) on your Liteshow App in the Applications folder , select Get Info, and check the “Prevent App Nap” checkbox.

Lite Show Manager Application won't open on first use: Control-click (right-click) on your Liteshow App in the Applications folder and select open from the popup menu.

El Capitan requires version 2.02 of SoundFlower for Audio.  Download SoundFlower for El Capitan