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Using Turnitin Originality Check (Plagiarism Education Tool) in Moodle


Turnitin is best used to help your students understand how to create their own original works instead of copying and pasting from the web and other sources. Turnitin creates a report that shows to students just what percent of their work is original as opposed to quoted, or even present without proper citation (plagiarized).

NOTE: Turnitin assignments should NOT be imported into new Moodle courses. Instead create your Turnitin Assignments (Add an Activity > Turnitin Assignment) fresh for each course or the account synchronization process may not work correctly! (Just uncheck the checkboxes to the left of your Turnitin assignments during the import process.)

Video Tutorials and General Information


Turnitin Training Center for Faculty and Students - NEW


Tutorial - Creating a Turnitin Assignment

Tutorial - Accessing the inbox for a Turnitin Assignment

Tutorial - Instructor uploading a paper to Turnitin

Tutorial - Grading a Turnitin Assignment in Moodle

How to access Turnitin Originality Reports (Differs some from Moodle Version but explains the originality report that you will find in Moodle)

How to Read Turnitin Originality Reports (Differs some from Moodle Version but explains the originality report that you will find in Moodle)

Guide - Turnitin's Moodle Direct Integration Instructor Guide

Moodle Direct Integration Turnitin Instructor Manual

Note: You will receive an email on first use of Turnitin within Moodle.  You can ignore that email unless you wish to be able to access Turnitin from outside of Moodle.


Submitting a Turnitin Assignment

Moodle Direct Integration Turnitin Student Manual

How to view and interpret Originality Reports


Setting up Turnitin accounts outside of Moodle

Information below is only for setting up Turnitin accounts for those NOT using Moodle.  For those using the Moodle Activity - Turnitin Assignment you do not need to set up a separate Turnitin account.

  • Student Training resources (To set up an account outside of Moodle requires a class ID and class enrollment password.  Most faculty will be using turnitin from within Moodle which does not require any account setup.)

Step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a Turnitin Assignment in Moodle

Note: The instructions below instruct how to create a Turnitin assignment that can be used by students for educational purposes. Turnitin is a robust tool and you may choose to use it differently than is indicated here. To do so simply make different selections in response to the items on the Turnitin settings screen.
Step 1: Add an activity Turnitin Assignment
  • Fill in the Turnitin Assignment Name field
  • In the Summary box clearly explain to students the assignments and submission process.
  • Submission Type – File Upload allows the user to upload files of the following type: Microsoft Word (doc,docx,rtf,html) PDF (pdf) Plain Text (txt).  Text Submission allows the user to copy and paste plain text into a text area for upload to Turnitin. You can select “Any Submission Type” to allow the student to choose.
  • Number of Parts – Example a draft and final version would be a 2 part assignment and 1 file can be added for each part.
  • Overall Grade – Select the grade for the assignment
  • Student Originality Reports – can be set to No (only the instructor sees the reports) or Yes so that students can see the report for their submission.
  • Advanced Options:
  • Allow Late Submission – yes or no
  • Report Generation Speed – three options; immediate report, ability to allow student to resubmit and get a new report, only generate a report after the due date.
  • Store Student Papers – allows you to store uploaded papers to check against for subsequent courses
  • Check against stored student papers
  • Check against the Internet
  • Check against journals, periodicals, and publications
  • Exclude Bibliography – excludes reference list from report analysis (Set to YES to exclude from the report.)
  • Exclude Quoted Material – excludes any text in quotation marks from the analysis  (Set to YES to exclude from the report.)
  • Exclude Small Matches  - excludes short matches often found in writing that are not likely to be plagiarism, but more just common writing style.

When you click “Save” or “Save and display” upon completing your setup a “synchronizing data” page appears briefly that connects your assignment and student information with the live Turnitin site.







Step 2: Setting the Start, Due, and Post Date

Once step 1 is completed, you must click on the Turnitin assignment link and select the "Summary tab. On this page you can set the start, due, and post dates as well as use the tabs to view the response reports.

  • Click on the Edit icon  to begin
    • Start Date – when students will first be able to submit their paper
    • Due Date – after which students will no longer be able to submit their paper
    • Post Date – the date when the grade will be added to the Moodle gradebook.  Students will not be able to see their grade prior to this date.  The post date must be the same as or later than the due date.
    • Max Marks – the maximum grade for the assignment.
  • Instructors can also delete or export the turnitin assignment on the edit page.


Step 3: Instructor Paper Submission and Paper/ Report Review
  • Submit Paper tab allows the instructor to upload papers for individual students.  Be sure that you select the student from the Students Name drop down menu and add a Submission Title and then use the “Choose File” button to locate the paper which must be on your local storage drive (not in Moodle) to be able to upload the paper. Alternately you can simply copy the paper from Moodle and use the “Text” submission type.
  • Submission Inbox tab is where you can see the student’s paper and also the originality report once the paper has been processed (may take from a few minutes up to several hours for a report to be generated).  Note that you may need to click on the Refresh Submissions link to see newly generated reports.

    • Clicking on a student’s name will allow you to view the submitted paper.
    • Originality Reports: Clicking on the icon in the Similarity column displays the originality report.  The report will be color coded with any materials found in the database listed and the text highlighted in matching colors.
    • Grading: Click on the Edit icon in the Grade column to enter a grade. Click on the (O) link in the Comments column to add comments about the paper or the interpretation of the report for the student.  Note: You can not return papers with comments to students using the Turnitin Assignment.  If you wish to do this you also must have the student submit the paper a second time to a normal Advanced Uploading Assignment.  You can as an alternative return the paper via email.
    • Click on the Download icon for each paper to download each student’s paper.
    • If you wish to delete a student’s paper click on the delete (waste basket icon)
Step 4: Entering Grades for a Turnitin Assignment
  • Click on the link to the assignment and then click the Submission Inbox tab.  You may need to click "Refresh Submissions"
  • Click on edit/pencil icon to the right of each student's submission under the Grade column  
  • Type in points in the box.  
  • Click on the green checkmark next to the points you entered to save the grade.
  • Repeat for each student grade that you need to enter.
  • Alternately you can manually enter grades into the Moodle Grader Report instead of entering points in the Turnitin plug in interface.


Alternate Grading Method
Using an Advanced uploading of files activity with a grading rubric to grade Turnitin assignments


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