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Navigation and Changing Page Settings in Moodle 2


There are two generic ways to navigate in Moodle 2:

  1. The Breadcrumb Menu (which is not new) shows you where you are in the hierarchy of the Moodle site, and, like any good breadcrumb trail, is only useful for going backward

  1. The Navigation Block (which IS new) provides a hierarchical view of the entire Moodle site, and allows you to go from one page to any other page with only one click.


Once you have arrived on a page, you manipulate or adjust or edit the page you’ve arrived at using the Settings Block (which is also new). The settings block acts like the contextual menus on your computer (the menus that normally come up when you right-click in Windows/Linux or command-click in Apple OSX), meaning that it shows you pretty much everything you can do to that page in one place.