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How to add a Syllabus to your Moodle Course - Three Methods: from quick to good practice


Adding a syllabus to your Moodle course can be quite simple.  However, what are all the options and what might be the best practice approach?  This tutorial demonstrates:

  • Adding a "file" Word version of your syllabus.
  • Adding a "file" PDF version of your syllabus.
  • Adding a "page" version of your syllabus (best practice)

Moodle - Resource - File - Adding and Updating Files (Word, PowerPoint, Excel....) in Your Moodle Course

Step by Step Tutorial

Method 1: Adding a Word version of your syllabus
  • Turn Editing on in your Moodle Course
  • In the location where you wish to add your syllabus, at the bottom of the block click "Add an activity or resource" and select "File" from the list and click "Add".


  • In the Adding a new File page fill in the Name field (Description field is optional).
  • In the Content area click the "Add" button  and use the "File Picker" to select and upload your Word file.  Be sure that the name is simple and that the file has an extension (.doc. .docx. or .pdf). Alternately drag and drop your file onto the Files box.
  • Change the Options > Display to "New Window" 
  •  Click the Save and Return to course button at the bottom of the page.


Method 2: Adding a PDF version of your syllabus
  • Create a pdf of your Syllabus
    • Mac - Open your Word Document, Print, and click the PDF button at the bottom of the print dialog box.
    • Windows- Open your Word Document, Windows, Save As, Other Format, and select PDF from the Save As Type selector box.
  • Follow the remaining steps as in Method 1 above to add the PDF "file" to Moodle.
Method 3:  Adding a "Page" version of your Syllabus to Moodle
  • Add a resource and select "Page".
  • On the "Adding a new page"
    • Add a Name to the Name field. 
    • Click on the "Paste from word"  tool in the Moodle editor toolbar.
    • Copy all from your Word version of your syllabus and paste into the Paste from Word box. Click Insert.
    •  In the Options set the Display setting to Open.
    • Click "Save and return to course" 
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  1. Anonymous

    I must have a different version than what's shown here. I had to go into Save and Send to get the PDF option, otherwise this was very helpful. Thanks.