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Purpose: to provide Bethel University faculty with an introduction to the major technology resources available to them.

Bethel University Faculty Technology Orientation (video)

Handout - Slides with Notes (pdf)

Support Resources

Information Technology Services HelpDesk

ITS HelpDesk is the contact point for technology support at Bethel for students, faculty, & staff.

Hours: M-Th 7:30-8:00, F 7:30-6:00, Sun 2:00-6:00
Phone: 651-638-6500
Location: Help Desk in Robertson Center, RC419

Teaching & Learning Technology

Teaching & Learning Technology is the contact point for teaching & learning technology for students and faculty.

Hours: M-F 10am-3pm
Phone: 651-635-8527
Location: University Library, Anderson Center

Research Assistance 

Bethel Reference Librarians are available to help you with your library research and navigate the library databases and technologies.

University Library
Voice: 651-638-6224
Location: Hagstrom Center (HC), 3rd floor

Seminary Libraries

St. Paul: 651-638-6184
San Diego: 619-325-5201
Knowledge Base: Confluence is Bethel's online support and tutorial center 
Online Training Center: Lynda offers tutorials for common technology like Moodle, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more -
Submit problem or help request: Footprints is Bethel's case management system -


Technology Details


MyBethel ( is your portal to all Bethel Information, including academics, finances, news, events, office websites and more. Read more information.

 Account - Identity and Access Management

Manage the following functions at

  • Create and maintain your Bethel Community Account
  • Change or Reset Password
  • Create and manage an email alias
 Responsible Use Policy

You are responsible for all usage of your Bethel computing account, and you must read and abide by Bethel's Responsible Use Policy.

  • Your access to the network is provided primarily for educational purposes - not social or recreational.
  • Your Password is Private - DO NOT SHARE WITH ANYONE!!! If your parents, spouse, or anyone else knows your password you should change it at
  • Unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, including unauthorized peer to peer file sharing, violates Bethel's Responsible Use Policy and may subject you to Bethel, civil, and criminal penalties.
 Wireless Access

Wireless access is available in all residence halls and academic buildings via the Eduraom network.

 Wired (Ethernet) Access

Students living in Bethel housing can connect their computers to the Bethel network via etherenet. To read the policy and request activation of your room's port follow these instructions.


Installation instructions for Bethel's Follow-Me Printer: When you print to the Follow-Me printer, your documents are sent to the cloud. Pick print jobs at any public Bethel printer using your Bethel ID card or your Bethel username and password. Support (651-635-8613) and more information are available. Be a good steward of our planet's resources and print only the pages you need.



Bethel community members are expected to check their email frequently for Bethel related and academic communications.  

  • Email Access: You can access your Bethel email via MyBethel, or from any web browser at
  • Email Settings:  If you prefer to use an email system outside of Bethel, you may choose to forward your Bethel email. 
  • Email Alias: You can create an email alias at

Moodle is Bethel's Learning Management System, which can be accessed via MyBethel, or directly at  Check your Moodle course sites daily. View Moodle student tutorials for more details. 

 Google Apps

Bethel is a Google Apps for Education campus, meaning that you have access to the full suite of Google apps, including: Calendar, Drive, Hangouts, YouTube, Sites, Forms and more. Access via the Google Apps icon, upper right in your Bethel email.

 Viewing Google Drive Videos and Docs

In order to view Google Drive videos and docs that are linked in your Moodle course site, you will need to be logged into your Bethel email account (and may need to be logged out of any other gmail accounts that you own).

 Cloud Storage

Employees and full-time students are encouraged to store their files in their Google Drive account or in their private and/or department folder on our secure server. 

  • Google drive -   found at has unlimited storage and provides easy share options. Learn more.
  • bsp-nas drive -  Access your server folder using these instructions. On campus access: use bsp-nas links, and off-campus access: use WebDav links.
 Campus Public Computers
  • BU Library (70 computers)
  • St. Paul Seminary Library (12 computers)
  • San Diego Seminary Library (11 computers)
  • Anderson Center  (3 computers on 1st floor Community Commons; 1 in 2nd floor classroom suite)
  • Computer Classrooms: CC325 [35 computers], AC203 [35 computers] HC260 (22 computers]
  • Multimedia Computers, Scanners, Technology Checkout available in the BU Library
  • Residence Hall Lab Computers and Printers, Departmental Computers, Mobile Laptop Carts, and more
 Technology Checkout

The University Library checks out all kinds of technology, including: laptops, ipads, digital still and video cameras, flash cards and flash drives, digital voice recorders, cables, connectors, chargers, and much, much more

 Classroom Technology

Each classroom has an instructor teaching center with a computer, display and projector with HDMI connection. High-tech Flex classrooms have additional monitors for small group work that students can connect to wirelessly. 

 Bethel Online directory

Search for Bethel community members at You may use * for a wildcard character in searches.


Banner is Bethel's student information system that contains all of your registration information, student account information, and more.

  • You can access your Self-Service Banner account using the Banner link at MyBethel, or directly via Self-Service Banner at
 Add Proxy Access to your Bethel Account

To allow your parents or someone else to view your Banner information, you can add them as a proxy within Self-Service Banner. Read this Proxy Access FAQ and follow the instructions to set up a proxy.   

 Copyright - Keep it legal

Online sharing in today’s digital world is easy.  However uploading, downloading, or swapping/sharing of copyrighted files without the copyright holder’s permission is illegal. These files may be articles, songs, movies, television shows, videos, or any other type of digital material. Those who are caught engaging in online piracy, can be charged with and possibly convicted of copyright infringement, a felony.  At Bethel, students may be denied network access, must meet with the a Dean of Student Life, remove illegally shared material, and pay a $100 network re-connection fee. These Bethel consequences are in addition to any criminal or civil penalties you may incur which could include up to 5 years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine.


Security:  Bethel uses modern security technology to protect you and your information when using our network. As a user you can help us by following these guidelines:

  • Create a strong password with at least 8 characters using both letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Set your Challenge Response questions and a recovery email address so you can reset your password
  • Bethel staff will NEVER ask you for your password.
  • NEVER share your password with anyone - not friends, not parents, not anyone. To share academic information with your parents or spouse, use Proxy Access
  • If you write down your passwords and your responses to challenge response questionsstore them securely.
  • Be cautious with email links and attachments, especially from unfamiliar sources or ones that request you to do something or to provide information.
  • Browse wisely when using the internet and be cautious when downloading any file or software.
 Bethel Alert System

Sign up to receive emergency notifications, school closures, and snow emergency info on your cell phone. For more information, see the BU-Bethel Alert information at