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Description: Screen capture software allows the user to create a video of what appears on the screen. Audio may be recorded simultaneously. Some versions allow the user to edit and annotate the video after the capture it is saved.

Best Practice:

  • Limit scope of use to one objective
  • Orient view to what they are seeing
  • Speak clearly

Examples of use:

  • Student screencast assignments
  • Orient students to Moodle course site
  • Provide visual assignment instructions
  • Give feedback to students on assignments

Screen Capture Programs

How to do it yourself:

Step One: Create your Screen Recording

  • Decide what it is you are going to capture - it's better to develop 2 or 3 shorter screen captures rather than one longer one
  • The size of the screen capture should be less than 1024 X 768
  • Develop a script or outline of how you are going to narrate the screen capture
  • Do a couple of dry runs
  • Create the screen captures 

Step Two: Upload your files

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