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Bethel University and Bethel University Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “Bethel”) recognize that some employees may be required to travel or incur other expenses to conduct business. Accordingly, Bethel has provided some personnel with a corporate credit card for business related expenses.

  • Provision of a corporate credit card is a privilege that may be revoked at will by Bethel.
  • Requests for a corporate credit card must be approved by the appropriate Vice President.
  • Whenever possible, the Bethel issued credit card should be used for Bethel business (e.g., personal credit cards should not be used).
  • Personal use of the Bethel issued credit card or loaning the card to others is prohibited and may lead to disciplinary action, including immediate dismissal.
  • All transactions must meet the requirements of Bethel’s Business Expense Policy.
  • Monthly credit card statements and receipts must be submitted for approval with a Credit Card Activity Report. For more details, please refer to the separate Business Expense Policy.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, immediately contact the Business Office at x6208.

This policy supersedes and replaces in its entirety any prior policy. Bethel University and Bethel University Foundation reserve the right to modify or amend this policy at any time.

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