Bethel University installs and maintains ADA compliant parking spaces, reserved for holders of the state-issued disability parking certificate. If you have a long or short term disability, Bethel University requires you to obtain a state-issued placard if you wish to use reserved parking. The University is not legally authorized to grant permission to use these spaces for any period of time, and is required to ensure they remain available for those with permits. Any vehicles occupying an ADA space without the required permit can also be cited by local law enforcement.

There are several ways to qualify for a disabled parking permit in Minnesota. You need a valid medical certification of legal blindness, limited mobility, pulmonary restriction or cardiac condition. You are eligible if you cannot walk without portable oxygen or an assistance device such as a wheelchair, cane or brace. Mobility impairment due to arthritic, neurological or orthopedic conditions also qualifies. Getting the disability parking certificate is a relatively simple process – follow the below steps to learn how.

Out of state students may need to apply for the permit through the driver's services agency in their home state. All states recognize ADA certificates from any other state.

Action Steps

1.  Step One

Meet one of Minnesota’s qualifications for impaired vision, limited mobility or other qualifying condition.

There are 4 certificate types:

    • Temporary for up to 6 months
    • Short-term for 7 to 12 months
    • Long-term for 13 to 71 months
    • Long-term for 6-years

Please note: A temporary certificate may be issued for a pregnancy that could be endangered by walking.

2.  Step Two

Print the Application for Disability Parking Certificate form online (Click here for a PDF copy of the form).

3.  Step Three

Take the application to a licensed physician or other valid medical provider who can certify your condition. Get the medical section of the form completed and signed.

4.  Step Four

Submit the completed application to your local Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) location.

5.  Step Five

Pay the application fee when applying for temporary and short-term certificates.

6.  Step Six

Receive a temporary permit (immediately at the DVS) to display until you receive the placard in approximately 4 weeks. Hang the placard from the rear-view mirror when parking in an accessibility parking space.

Tips and Advisories

  • To replace a lost or stolen certificate, complete only the Disabled Individual section of the application and resubmit it. There is a replacement fee for temporary and short-term certificates only.
  • Certificates are valid until the last day of the month indicated on the placard.
  • Misuse of the certificate is a misdemeanor subject to fine and possibly cancellation of disabled parking privileges.
  • Leaving the placard hanging on your rearview mirror while driving is dangerous and a misdemeanor offense.
  • You do not need to be a licensed driver to apply or a disabled parking permit. You may apply on behalf of a child with a disability.
  • Providing false information for the purpose of obtaining a disabled parking permit is a misdemeanor subject to fines. 
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