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In order to provide a regulated parking environment, Security Patrol Officers shall issue citations on the basis of observed parking behavior in violation of published University parking and traffic regulations.

All fines are automatically determined and assessed to an individual's community account, based on the vehicle history for a given academic year. Fines are:

  • automatically determined based on past violation history
  • increase with each recurrence of a violation
  • cumulative for multiple violations

The concept of escalating fees based on prior history is known as Graduated Fines. This practice is similar to that in many metropolitan areas, increasing the penalty for each repeat violation. The theory is that continued failure to adjust parking to conform with regulations harms the community. By increasing the penalty with each repeat violation, minor or one-time offenders are offered a chance to correct behavior without incurring major fines, whereas repeat offenders are assessed greater fines.  

As a check and balance to this process, the Parking Appeals Committee will review Citation Appeals submitted for any violation. Their review will ensure that citations are issued in accordance with the stated policies. See more on how to submit a citation appeal. 

Fine Schedule

Below is a break-down of the fine schedule, showing the escalation of the violation fees. Fines do not increase beyond the third penalty listed below, but subsequent offenses will continue to carry fines. Vehicles may be subject to impounding or possible barring from campus.

Fine amounts shall not change within an academic year, but are subject to annual review and adjustment.

OffenseFirst ViolationSecond ViolationThird + Violation
CARELESS DRIVING$25.00$25.00*$25.00
TOWING FEE$85.00$85.00$85.00
PARKED IN CLOSED LOT**Warning$25.00$25.00
EXCEEDED TIME LIMITWarning$25.00$50.00
PARKED IN RESERVED SPACEImmobilization ($50.00)$50.00$50.00
PARKED IN FIRE LANE FIRE (not appealable)$50.00$50.00$50.00
PARKED IN DISABILITY SPACE (not appealable)***$200.00$200.00$200.00
NO PERMITWarningImmobilization ($50.00)$50.00
EXPIRED TEMP PERMITWarning$25.00$25.00

$100.00 +

Immobilization ($50.00)


* A second citation for Careless Driving will result in a referral to Student Life for disciplinary action.

** Some lots are closed overnight to facilitate snow removal, though they are closed every night whether or not there is snow. Vehicles in violation of this offense may also need to be towed to accomplish snow removal, which occurs overnight anytime snowfall warrants. In this case, the vehicle would also incur a towing fee.

***If a person receives a ticket for parking in an ADA space without a placard, but has a valid disability tag that was not displayed, they MAY appeal the citation by presenting the valid ADA parking certificate tag in the Safety and Security office within 72 hours of receiving the ticket.

Immobilizations and Towing

Bethel University reserves the right to immobilize or tow a vehicle that is on our campus property without notice and at the expense of the vehicle owner.


Whenever a vehicle is immobilized, Campus Safety and Security will adhere a warning sticker to the front driver's side door window to alert the owner. As stated above, the Office of Safety & Security reserves the right to ticket, immobilize, and tow vehicles, at the owner's expense, which are parked on campus in violation of any parking or traffic regulation.  It is not the responsibility of Security to remove the sticker and the Office of Safety and Security is not responsible for damage done to any vehicle which is driven or moved while immobilized, or damage done by someone other than Security personnel attempting to remove the device. Damage done to a tire clamp in an attempt to tamper with or remove it will be charged to the vehicle owner. Charges will include repair and possible replacement fees. Unauthorized removal of a tire clamp is a misdemeanor offense and violators may be prosecuted.

To have an immobilization device removed please contact the Dispatch Center at 651-638-6000. An officer will meet you at your location to discuss the requirement for the removal of the immobilization device. The vehicle will be released to owners in a timely fashion but may be barred or required to be removed from campus.


Campus Security & Safety does not charge a fine for a tow. Bethel University is charged by a private, third party towing company for the service and that fee is passed to the vehicle owner.

Bethel University is not liable for damage done to vehicles during towing. If you believe your vehicle to have been damaged as a result of a tow, please contact the Office of Safety & Security for the towing company's contact information.

Please contact Safety & Security if you think your vehicle may have been towed.


Generally, a vehicle charged with 5+ violations of a particular offense per school year may be temporarily barred from campus.

Continued violations may result in barring for the remainder of the academic year. The following violations may result in your driving privileges on campus being revoked:

  • Gross driving misconduct,
  • Moving, removing, or defacing Bethel property (including immobilization devices and parking permits)
  • Blatant disregard for Bethel's policies.

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