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This venue of advertising is reserved for Bethel events that welcome the entire Bethel University community across all four schools (i.e. CAS Homecoming, Black History Month events, etc.). This venue of advertising is NOT available for dates of commencement and Festival of Christmas. The one and only approved location for these banner brackets to be mounted is the 3rd floor railing between AC and CC buildings, facing the Egg).


  • Requestors pay for cost to produce banner itself.  Some information provided by Print Services; some rates may have changed. Contact Print Services for current costs at 651.638.6358.

  • 44" banner maximum width; 5' maximum length (only as low as bottom of 2nd floor ceiling, cannot hang below that)

  • Brackets can only be mounted by Facilities Management for security reasons; requestors must pay for this service.  Must use magnet weights on the bottom.

  • Each requesting group can post up to 1 time per term (fall, interim, spring, summer).

  • Banner can hang up to one week in advance of events and also during events. Teardown of banner and brackets must be within 24 hours after last event is done.

Pursue Use of this Venue of Advertising

  • Print and complete the Banner Bracket Advertising form (pdf) to obtain required signatures (available from Office of Student Life Front Desk)

  • Upon approval, work with the Administrative Assistant for Student Life to order brackets to be mounted and for your banner to be readily accessible for Facilities Management to mount on the brackets.

Order a Banner through Print Services

  • What are the material options and cost?

    • Plain Paper

    • Photo Gloss

    • Indoor Vinyl (a light weight, tear and water resistant vinyl)

    • Outdoor Banner Vinyl (heavy weight water resistant Vinyl)

    • Canvas (water resistant)

  • Size options (media comes in different size rolls):

    • 17” (canvas only)

    • 24” (all media’s)

    • 36” (plain, photo gloss, indoor vinyl & canvas)

    • 42” (plain, photo gloss, indoor vinyl & banner vinyl)

    • 44” (indoor vinyl, banner vinyl & canvas)

    • Print Services tries to keep the 24” in stock at all times. Please check with them a few days in advance for available options. They can order more in but it takes a few days. They can order other media as well; please check with Print Services to get cost and options for special orders.

  • Price per square foot (based on the media width):

    • Plain Paper $2.99

    • Photo Gloss $3.99

    • Indoor Vinyl $4.49

    • OD Banner Vinyl $5.99

    • Canvas $5.99

  • Turn-around time for producing a banner?

    • Turn-around time depends on the size and the media. We try to turn any job around the same day but that’s not always possible. If the banner is large or on specialty media please allow for extra time.

  • Cost for color or black and white?

    • The price is the same for black & white or color. The exception is on 24# text weight paper, which costs $2.20 per square foot.

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