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Bethel Information Technology Services (ITS) strives to provide high-quality computer hardware and software as well as a secure and reliable network. As a Bethel student you are responsible for adhering to Bethel's Responsible Use of Information Technology Resource Policy. The policy applies to University owned hardware and software as well as privately-owned devices using the Bethel network and resources. Responsible Use should always be in line with Bethel's Covenant for Life together, as well as legal, ethical, and consistent with good stewardship of shared resources. This policy prohibits the use of Bethel's network to access or view pornography or other information or images that are in violation of Bethel's Covenant for Life together. This includes the use of Bethel hardware, software, or network for illegal activity such as making unauthorized copies of copyrighted material. Security is a vital part of responsible use of technology, this includes things like not sharing your password, remaining alert and informed when using the internet, and respecting the privacy and security of other users. 

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