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Post Office Advertising Guidelines

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Policy Contact: Amy Corriher:

Post office advertising guidelines

What advertisements are reviewed for consideration?

The advertisements that fall under this policy are advertisements that are intended to be distributed to Bethel post office boxes. Neither non-Bethel organizations nor political solicitations are permitted to advertise using these mailboxes. All advertisements MUST be sponsored by a Bethel department that is willing to vouch for the appropriateness of the advertisement for campus. Requests that fall outside of these guidelines will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the CAS Student Life Office.

What is the process for approval?

  1. Print a post office advertising request form (pdf).

  2. Complete the form and obtain the appropriate signatures indicated at the bottom of the form.

  3. Submit the following items to the Office Manager in the Office of Student Life:

    1. Your completed and signed form

    2. A sample copy of your advertisement (this must exactly match the advertisement you are distributing)

  4. Review for approval may take a few days. In the case that you have to wait, you’ll be notified via phone or email whether or not your advertisement distribution is approved.

  5. If distribution approval is received, retrieve the following items from the Office of Student Life and bring them to the Post Office:

    1. The signed, authorized copy of the form

    2. The stamped copy of your advertisement

  6. The Post Office will arrange a date and time with you for your advertisement distribution. See distribution guidelines below:

    1. Priority will be on a first-reserved basis.

    2. Distribution during chapel will not be approved.

    3. One organization will be allowed to distribute at a time.

    4. It takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes for four people to do a full distribution.

    5. Distributions can be done by up to four persons at a time from the sponsoring organization.

I have more questions, who do I talk to?

Please refer further questions to the Administrative Assistant for Student Life (; 651.638.6902).

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