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The guidelines below represent a collaborative agreement between Campus Services, the Office of Communications and Marketing, and the CAS Student Life Office. The group that monitors the implementation of these guidelines meets regularly to interpret and modify the guidelines as necessary. All schools of Bethel University, including the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS), the College of Adult & Professional Studies (CAPS), the Graduate School (GS), and Bethel Seminary, are expected to follow these guidelines. These guidelines reside with the Office of Student Life since the majority of posters and advertising requests come from CAS students and departments. 

Questions can be directed to the Administrative Assistant for Student Life (; 651.638.6300).

Design and Layout Criteria for Your Poster


  • Suggested: 12" x 18" (typically $1.50 per poster at Print Services) or 13" x 19" (typically $1.75 per poster at Print Services)
  • Maximum: 18” x 24” (1.5’ x 2’)

An exception is made for campus-wide events such as Chapel, Homecoming, Festival of Christmas, Commencement, Family Weekend, Welcome Weekend, and inaugural events. The maximum size for these posters is 24" x 36" (2' x 3'). Please contact the Administrative Assistant for Student Life (651.638.6300) if you want to appeal for your campus-wide event to be added to the above list.

All designs must be appropriate based on Bethel’s core values.

Please consider that it will need to be stamped with black or green ink.

Number of Posters

  • Non-Bethel events (not Bethel-affiliated): 5
  • Bethel events (Bethel-sponsored): 11
  • Church events: 6
  • There are additional criteria that apply to the Bethel Student Government (BSG) only; see "Hanging Up Your Poster" for more details.

Approval of Your Posters

All posters, signs, and wall hangings need to be stamped or they will be removed (with the exception of the permanent, assigned art displays around campus).  Posters can be approved to hang for up to two weeks maximum. An exception is made only for posters showing one month's worth of events, such as chapel posters.  Please contact the Administrative Assistant in the CAS Student Life Office if you want to appeal for an exception for your office.

The kind of event you are advertising for will determine who approves your poster:

  • Advertisements of events related to academics: Office of Academic Affairs
  • Ministry-related events/activities not taking place at a church: Office of Campus Ministries
  • Church promotions or events taking place at a church: Offices of Church Ministries or Seminary Student Life (Seminary Student Life has their own advertising locations not described below)
  • Employment recruiters, internships, or camps: Office of Career Development and Calling
  • BSG-supported clubs and organizations: Bethel Student Government
  • Events that invite the entire Bethel community or events that you would like to be advertised in CAS campus housing (and do not fall under any of the prior criteria): CAS Student Life  The Poster Approval Form (pdf) Print, complete, and submit to the Office of Student Life for approval. 

There are some offices (see below) that are pre-authorized to put up posters on various walls around campus related to conferences, notices, warnings, or alerts. These posters can be up 24 hours prior to the event and must be taken down within 24 hours following the event. All materials from these offices require an approval stamp from their own office or they will be taken down. These offices do not participate in the general approval process of posters. Please contact the Administrative Assistant in the Office of Student Life if you want to appeal for your office to be added to the following list:

  • Office of Security and Safety
  • Facilities Management
  • Event Services
  • Conference Services
  • Office of Admissions - College of Arts & Sciences
  • Dining Services
  • Seminary Dean's Office

Expectations for Hanging Your Poster

  • In the BC, there are sticky boards that don't require tape.  There are poster strips in the stairwells of the academic buildings which also do not require tape. On all other poster walls, use BLUE painter’s tape only & loop it on the back of the poster.  No exceptions. Other tape leaves residue on a surface if attached for more than 14 days.
  • Use clear tape on see-through glass surfaces as long as it is looped, not flat.
  • On poster walls without sticky boards, the bottom of a poster must not be higher than six feet from the floor.
  • Posters may only be placed on designated walls.
  • The side walls of designated poster walls may not be used.
  • No duplicate posters allowed on a poster wall.

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