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Bethel University has eight residence areas: Arden Village, Bodien, Edgren, Getsch, Nelson, Heritage, Lissner, and North Village (Chalberg, Danielson, Turnwall, Wessman, Wingblade and Widen apartments).

First and second year Bethel students are required to live in campus housing with the exception of those who commute from their parents’ home.  Requirement is based on years at Bethel, not students credit status. 

Third and Fourth year students (including junior and senior transfer students) are encouraged to live in campus housing but are not required to.

Students need to be enrolled full time to reside on-campus,  Student must be 17 years of age by Welcome Week move in day.   Housing is available for unmarried, traditional students only. There is no on-campus housing for married students. Non-traditional students age 25 or older who wish to live on-campus must seek approval from the Associate Dean for Residence Life.

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