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Office of Financial Aid information is available online or by office appointment. Financial aid information is also found in the Finances section of the academic catalog. Students are responsible for completing financial aid documentation for each year that they are enrolled. They must meet the financial aid deadlines for submission of financial aid forms.


  • Financial aid can only be applied toward credit needed for degree requirements.
  • College of Adult & Professional Studies students must be enrolled for six credits or more per semester to receive financial aid. To receive the most accurate information about financial aid eligiblity, students are encouraged to register for all courses in the term at once. Students who drop below six credits will lose their loan eligibility. Students who drop below should immediately contact the Financial Aid Office for counseling.
  • All students who lose their loan eligibility will enter the grace period for repayment of the loans.
  • All students who withdraw from Bethel without completing any classes in the semester may need to return a portion of their federal aid.
  • If a student's registration changes in a given term, the student is responsible for contacting their financial aid counselor in order to understand how those changes may impact their financial aid package.


Main Campus Office: RC326

651.638.6241 (800.255.8706, ext. 6241)

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