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Pop-up blockers prevent unwanted web pages from appearing on your screen while browsing the internet.  However, sometimes necessary pop-ups are blocked by the system. The pop-up blocker can be disabled for certain sites.  This article gives instructions on how to turn on/off the Pop-up Blocker and how to allow pop-ups on specific websites in Safari.

Table of Contents

Disabling and Enabling Pop-up Blocker

Safari does not have an "allowed sites" function. To enable popups only for certain websites in Safari, you will have to turn off the pop-up blocker while on the site and turn it on again when leaving the site.

  1. Open Safari and select Preferences from the Safari menu.

  2. Select Security. You can enable pop-up blocker by selecting the checkbox Block pop-up windows, or disable pop-up blocker by deselecting it.