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The Chief Human Resources and Strategy Officer will act as the Section 504 Compliance Officer responsible for the administration and supervision of the policy and procedures set forth herein. The Section 504 Compliance Officer is the administrator to whom a complaint is reported and addressed according to policy and procedures.

Cara Wald, the University’s Chief Human Resources and Strategy Officer, serves as the Section 504 Compliance Officer with primary responsibility for oversight and enforcement of this Policy, as well as identifying and addressing any systemic problems that arise during the review of complaints. Cara Wald may be contacted at Bethel University, Office of Human Resources, 3900 Bethel Drive, Saint Paul, MN 55112, or 651.635.8657, or


It is strongly recommended that any individual involved in the resolution of a disability discrimination complaint seek personal support through relationships with a few trusted family members or friends. Additional support is available through Counseling Services or Campus Ministriesthe Office of Christian Formation and Church Relations. Students with disabilities may request assistance from the Office of Disability Resources and Services. Bethel reserves the right to provide accommodations during the investigation process to create a safe and affirming environment.


Regardless of whether a complaint has been received, Bethel may, at any time and at its sole discretion, initiate an investigation of or take action against any disability discrimination occurring within the Bethel community. In the event that the complainant does not wish to pursue the complaint process, any response by the University may be hindered by the complainant’s wishes for anonymity and/or inaction.










Revised 78/20162019